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Daniel Cross

Well the 2014 AFL season might be a little way off yet but it is certainly the right time to be having a look at some of the players that you may want to include in your Supercoach/Dream Team sides next year. Yes it is time to start your 2014 AFL Supercoach and Dream Team homework. Often when a player leaves one club and arrives at a new club it can impact on their fantasy football worth, so who are the players who moved clubs during trade period that may be worth having a look at in 2014.

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Trent West (Brisbane): West was never a big fantasy footballer scorer during his time at Geelong. In 2013 he averaged 64.3 (Supercoach) and 55.7 (Dream Team), thanks largely to the fact that he is not a huge possession gatherer and instead scores most of his points in hitouts which included a haul of 42 against GWS. Still West’s role in Brisbane may change as he shares the load with Leuenberger so he may well be worth a look during the NAB Cup.

Sam Docherty (Carlton): A somewhat cheap fantasy football option Docherty looks set to have a breakout season with The Blues next year. Carlton couldn’t be happier with picking him up from Brisbane and are likely to give him plenty of game time as Malthouse looks to rejuvenate the under-performing club.

Dale Thomas (Carlton): Alongside Docherty at Carlton will be one of Malthouse’s favourite players, Daisy Thomas who did the unthinkable and left Collingwood to join The Blues. Thomas’ 2013 was written off with injury and his fantasy football price could be a lot lower next year meaning he should be a player that his highly considered, even more so when you realise he’ll be out to silence his critics who say he was a wasted trade for Carlton.

Taylor Adams (Collingwood): The young clearance king won’t come cheap in season 2014 but his move from GWS to The Pies may him improve on his 76.2 Super Coach average this year. Going to a ‘winning’ side may see him pick up more possessions per game, but you may want to watch him in the pre-season first because he will also have to fight to keep his spot in a talented Pies’ midfield.

Jesse White (Collingwood): Anyone who saw Jesse White almost single handedly dismantle North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium a few years ago has been waiting for the day for him to recapture that form. Sadly it was a long time coming although 2013 did see him kick 20 goals in 15 games meaning he was well and truly on the way. Becoming a focal point on Collingwood’s forward line may well see White reach full potential.

Scott Gumbleton (Fremantle): Can The Dockers do with Gumbleton what the Swans have done to so many players over the years. Gumbleton was an injury riddled forward at Essendon so has never been a player you want to have in your fantasy sides. However this year he did show glimpse of fantasy form, when he picked up 103 Super Coach/112 Dream Team points against St Kilda, and it could well be that Gumbleton we see line up for Fremantle if their medicos are right and his injuries are behind him. One to certainly watch.

Shane Mumford (GWS): With his change of clubs Mumford nearly has to be lock in either your Ruck #2 or Ruck #3 spot next year. Not sharing the ruck duties with the likes of Mike Pyke will see more game time and elevated scores for Mumford in 2014… scary when you realise that his Super Coach average in 2013 was already 91.9. Can’t really see Mumford heading to the bench much next year as the Giants will most likely use him in the ruck and then switch him to the forward line when it’s Giles’ turn to get tap happy.

Heath Shaw (GWS): Another player who should be lock in your defence next year has to be Heath Shaw. The absolute star averaged 96.9 per game in Super Coach this year and next year he is sure to run riot on the undermanned and extremely young Giants backline. The younger players will see him as the go to guy when clearing defence so maybe expect some strong 120 point games along the way. He could almost rival Gary Ablett as a captaincy choice each week in 2014.

Josh Hunt (GWS): Another new Giant worth watching in the pre-season will be the newly arrived Geelong veteran Josh Hunt. At 31 years of age Hunt won’t make as big as impact as Heath Shaw but his average of 70.4 will certainly get a boost. Might be worth watching how his body is holding up during the pre-season though before taking the punt on him.

Viv Michie (Melbourne): Viv who I hear you ask. Michie didn’t do much at Fremantle, he really just played one lowly game in 2013 where he didn’t  set the world alight, so would you consider him for a spot in your team next year? Easy because on his WAFL form alone he is set to become one of the highest scoring rookies for 2014. Michie played for Peel last season and averaged near 30 possessions a game as well as winning the best and fairest. He should cost around the $100,000 mark at the start of next season and should definitely be someone that is considered for your midfield.

Daniel Cross (Melbourne): Not happy at the Bulldogs Daniel Cross went searching for a new home and was snapped up by Paul Roos at Melbourne. For some reason the mix of Roos, Melbourne and Cross sounds like it should work. So well in fact that you could easily see Cross lift is Super Coach average of 88.5 to over 100. Of course there are always a lot of great midfielders around but Cross may well be one of the big improvers of 2014. Don’t forget that this is a man that once scored 150 in a game and even topped the 120 in 2013.

Nick Dal Santo (North Melbourne): Sometimes a move to another club means a player’s score lifts simply because they want to impress their new team and thank them for believing in them. That theory worked well for those who drafted Brendon Goddard into their fantasy teams this year and it seems like it may also apply to his former teammate Nick Dal Santo who makes the move from St Kilda to North Melbourne. Now Dal Santo averaged 97.5 (Supercoach) and 88.4 (Dream Team) this year so any lift on that should see Nicky Dal remain as a premium and perhaps a worthy pick-up.

Matt White (Port Adelaide): One too much. Matt White always struggled for consistency at Richmond but as was the result of Monfries moving to Port this year White may find more chances at Port. His relatively low average in the low 50s this year should see White’s price drop for the start of the new year, so watch him in the pre-season and see whether he is worth the risk.

Jared Polec (Port Adelaide): Another Power blow-in to watch during the pre-season with be Jared Polec. Again a low scoring 2013 thanks to injuries, he played just one game and scored in the 30s, will see him very well-priced at the start of 2014. When you consider some of his form in 2012 where he regularly hit the 20 possession mark he may well be worth the risk in 2014 as cheap midfield option.

Shaun Hampson (Richmond): Last the dual availability of picking up Hampson as a ruck/forward saw a lot of people take the plunge and have him as a Ruck #3 or Ruck #4. The fact he only played 6 games ruined that but he did suggest a bit in those games, averaged 68.8. Now he is Tiger it may be worth watching the pre-season to see how he is used at his new club. Used in the right way and he may very quickly became a player that averages in the 90s after having a relatively low price tag at the start of the year.

Shane Savage (St Kilda): Savage always struggled for consistency at Hawthorn due to the fact that he couldn’t really cement himself a permanent spot in the Hawks’ bulging backline. Still that didn’t stop Savage from recording some great Supercoach scores, he smashed at a 165 in 2011 and hit the 100s again in 2013 with a 104 against St Kilda. Now Savage will have a permanent spot on the Saints’ backline the question is will he keep scores like that up all the time. Watch him in the pre-season and if he looks the goods snap him up.

Luke Delaney (St Kilda): Another player to pencil in at the start of 2014 is new Saint Luke Delaney. Delaney never got a shot at North Melbourne but he will be a key part of the Saints’ backline so expect his Supercoach average of 54 to rocket up quickly. He has scored scores of over 100 when given the chance before and that is more likely to be what he scores with the Saints. He’ll be cheaply priced and could become an important part of your fantasy team defence in 2014.

Billy Longer (St Kilda): Just like Delaney new St Kilda ruckman Billy Longer never really got the chance to shine at his old club. He was always third or fourth ruck choice at the Lions but at St Kilda he will have to step into the limelight straight away. He may have Darren Jolly as back-up but Longer will be the keyman so watch his average of 51.8 go up very quickly. His cheap price makes him a good Ruck #3 or Ruck #4 option.

Buddy Franklin (Sydney): 2013 was a bit of a done year for Buddy although having said that his average of 90 Supercoach points a game isn’t too bad. The good news is that will lift with his move to Sydney. Realistically he could score over 100 a game and the good news is his price tag will be down on the start of last year. 2014 could be the year that Buddy once again becomes the AFL’S most dangerous forward so you would be stupid not to have him.

Xavier Ellis (West Coast): If he can stay fit Xavier Ellis could be one of the big pick-ups of 2014. Now playing for the West Coast he’ll be given a key role in their engine room and the fact he only played 2 games for an average of 21 in 2013 means he will be cheaply priced. Watch and see how his body goes over summer and then watch his form in the pre-season, if he goes okay pencil him in.

Stewart Crameri (Western Bulldogs): Goal scoring always provides a boost to Supercoach scores so it will be interesting to see how dangerous forward Stewart Crameri goes at the kennel. Currently he averages 1.8 goals and 72.4 Supercoach a game. Watch for that to rise as he becomes an key target on the Dogs’ forward line.

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